outlook hotmail

Hotmail outlook feature. One of the popular e-mail services that Microsoft owns, Outlook has been updated on all phones, Windows and Mac systems.


Well, what’s new in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft’s email service, updated for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, will remind users of Outlook’s upcoming bill with the update coming in.

Users will be able to see upcoming bills via Outlook from the card option at the top of the inbox. In addition, you will receive a warning mail for two days on the payment day.

In particular, the meeting options have been further improved on the Windows side.

A place recommendation will be presented to users who create an event or meeting. These proposals will be prepared according to where the users are already located. In this process, Bing will also be helped.

On the iOS side, users will be informed about how long they can reach the event.

Users will also be able to find out whether the people to be present at the meetings they have created are responding to the shared case. However, this feature is currently active for Windows and web version.

On the Windows side, precautions have been taken for CC content. For users who are willing to respond to the original content, a warning will also be sent that the incoming mail is CC.

However, note that these features currently apply to Windows, web, and Mac platforms. In the near future these features will also be active for iOS and Android.